Get the most from your old equipment, customize and update your machine with a Modern solution.
Add Modern’s patented 4-way Adjustable Clamp Frames to your equipment and see instant results. Cut your change over time, reduce material and eliminate storage of additional clamp frame bars.


  • The clamp bars are heavy duty extruded aluminum with air cylinder actuation
  • The cylinders are 2” bore, ¾” OD rod, equipped with high temp ‘Viton” seals, each generating over 250 lbs of clamp force.
  • The clamp bar profile has gripping teeth for superior holding of the sheet.
  • Clamp frames are adjustable in both directions. Minimal set-up time required (5 minutes or less) using Modern’s patented 4-Way Adjustable System. No extra clamp bars are required to purchase.
  • The short dimensions frame and bars are adjustable left to right in the long dimension frame. To change the short dimensions, no tools are required. Simply release the locks and slide bars into position.
  • The clamp cylinders are mounted on a maximum of 12” centers.
  • Graduated metal scales mounted on carrier frames, with pointers on clamp frame ends.
  • Built to order; arranged for top or bottom load.




  • Standard 4-Way
  • Same Plane
  • Articulating
  • Motorized
  • Customized
  • Splitter Bars
  • Linear support
  • Zoned Frames

Video: 4 Way Clamp Frame Features

Video: 4-Way Change Over Demonstration

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