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Modern Machinery of Beaverton was founded in 1982 by local entrepreneur, Tom Pohlman. The company manufactures the highest quality thermoforming machines in the industry and takes pride in offering its customers the "ModernADVANTAGE”. The advantage comes through the creation of custom manufactured machinery tailored to the customer's specific needs. Modern machines are never "canned" products and only the highest-grade materials are used at all times. Modern also gives each customer direct access to the employees within their company, whether it be an owner, engineer, controls technician or other, in order to provide the best customer service in the industry.

After 30 years of providing state-of-the-art thermoforming equipment to its customers, second-generation ownership began taking the company to new levels in 2013 when son, Corey Pohlman, and business partner, Vince Hicks purchased Modern Machine. With them, they brought their engineering degrees, Master's degrees and education in Business Administration, experience in buying and selling equipment, and innovative ideas that would surely impact the machine manufacturing industry.

Modern Machine has steadily grown through expansions in 1990, 1992, 2007, 2012, and most recently in 2017 with a 12,000 sq. /ft. addition which added another 50% capacity to their shop floor. For now, this has given them ample room to manufacture their many products, which include: several styles of thermoformers, custom equipment, components and parts, roll-cutting machines, trim presses and more. Modern machines can be found in most U.S. states, as well as in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Great Britain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. Products made from these machines are used in the following industries: food packaging, plastics packaging, medical packaging, horticulture, agriculture, construction, appliance making, automotive, RV accessories, recreational products, and more.

Within the past two years, the young entrepreneurs have invested over $1 million in building space, equipment, and high-level trainings for their employees. This growth has also allowed them to hire (9) new employees in 2018 (32% increase). Notable accomplishments for the company within the past 24 months included; expanded product offerings which include robotics applications, allowing them to do specialized and precise gluing, flame treating, and sonic welding. Purchased a new CNC machine to add 33% more capacity to their machine shop. Purchased tooling and capital for hydraulic plumbing in order to provide services in-house, rather than rely on outside vendors of the state. Manufactured a lab-machine for testing and sales presentations of thermoforming equipment. Completed high-level trainings with several employees to enhance their skills in: Robotics, CAM (Computer Aided Machining), Variable Frequency Drive Programming, FEA Stress Analysis & Simulation, and PLC Programming.

Modern Machine has applied for a second round of Going Pro Talent Funds to offer a series of additional high-level trainings in 2019. Corey and Vince find great value in working with Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium for both workforce and economic development assistance. They regularly use our services in an attempt to find qualified labor. They also work closely with the BSP and state EDC organizations regarding industry studies, tax abatements, export programs, on-the-job training contracts, and information regarding employment of foreign labor. Corey and Vince are actively engaged in our community. The company has worked with our BSP to participate in the Junior Achievement programs now offered in our local school systems and have met with students to discuss the opportunities for employment and business ownership in our community. We are proud to have Modern Machinery of Beaverton in our community!