Modern Machinery's custom thermoforming machines are used by many other types of industries as well, from toys, dental impressions and dental equipment, boating and other marine components, medical equipment housings, vaults, signs, as well as custom thermoforming areas.

Thermoforming machinery produces large parts and end products on both shuttle and rotary cut sheet thermoforming equipment utilizing vacuum, pressure and twin sheet processes. The thermoforming equipment ranges from cut sheet sizes on all to 2’x2’ up to as large as 12’ x20’. We can make whatever size you request, as we are a custom shop. Materials used are polypropylene, APET, RPET, PETG, OPS, PLA, HIPS, CPET, polystyrene foam, TPO, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, multi-layer barrier and specialty materials.

At Modern Machinery, our engineers are qualified to meed your thermoforming needs. No matter what the market, we can talk to you and design a thermoforming machine for your business.