The automotive market offers sizeable opportunities for thermoformed auto parts that you could produce on MODERN's thermoforming machines. Too numerous to name all of them, a brief summary would be items such as interior door panels, car and truck body panels, truck bed liners, tonneau covers, dashboard panels, rocker panels, wheel well liners, and the list goes on and on.

Vehicle manufacturers rely on thermoforming for the benefits it provides in large-part design and fabrication, and for its economy. A thermoforming machine from MODERN can be used by a factory in the automotive industry to produce large parts ranging from bedliners and tonneau covers to bumper fascias and rocker panels quickly and at a lower cost than other methods.

Thermoformed automotive products can be produced on shuttle, rotary and custom cut sheet thermoforming equipment utilizing vacuum, pressure and twin sheet processes. The equipment ranges from cut sheet sizes on all to 2’x2’ up to as large as 12’ x20’. We can make whatever size you request, as we are a custom shop. These cut sheets are for various materials such as polypropylene, HDPE, HIPS, TPO, ABS, PVC, multi-layer barrier and other specialty materials.