Because of the structural integrity of properly formed and fabricated thermoformed parts, they can perform many more rugged roles. MODERN's equipment can produce components for tractors and other farm equipment. Other agricultural needs such as feed and water containers, animal housing stalls, bale wagon enclosures, seat bases, hood assemblies and many other agricultural elements are just more examples of what can be done with a Modern thermoforming machine.

The thermoforming equipment ranges from cut sheet sizes on all to 2'x2' up to as large as 12' x20'. We can make whatever size you request, as we are a custom shop. These cut sheets are for various materials such as polypropylene, APET, HDPE, HIPS, TPO, EPS, ABS, polycarbonate and acrylic. Agricultural products are produced on both shuttle and rotary cut sheet thermoforming equipment utilizing vacuum, pressure and twin sheet thermoforming processes.

Smaller, thinner gauge thermoformed products can be produced using Modern Machinery's continuous thermoformers, trim presses, and tooling with configurations including production from roll stock or in-line extrusion and with either rule/forge die or match metal trim.