"After purchasing several other Brand machines in the 1990's I inquired about a new large thermoformer from Modern Machine. I immediately was impressed with Tom Pohlman and his statement " we will build whatever you want". Along with Tom and his team we started to discuss and design a machine built to handle a sheet size of 10' x 18' with a 36" draw and rugged enough to take any miscues that happen from time to time with thermoform operators. This machine is tough, dependable and has performed nonstop since 2005 running some of the largest parts ever produced on the West coast.

Throughout the past few years Modern has identified areas of improvement from our discussions and has continued to upgrade the software side of the machine to improve the ease of programming and provide additional capabilities of the machine. We just received our third Modern machine a 3 station pressure former that has been running since October 2012, four days after its arrival. Built to our custom requirements this is by far the best machine I have ever purchased. My congratulations to Modern for their outstanding performance in building Ray Products the best thermoforming equipment available in our Industry!"

Dan Sweet
Ray Products


"I have worked with Modern for the past few years and have come to appreciate their willingness to try new things and provide to their customers what they want. Their customer service and support is by far better than any big machine manufacturer that I have worked with in the past or present. I would highly recommend them to anyone I talk to for Vacuum Forming machines"

John Noruk
AME Manager
(Vac Forming and PU Technologies)
International Automotive Components