Modern Machinery designed and manufactured, multi-station, rotary-motion twin sheet thermoformer. A horizontally clockwise rotating wheel indexes the cut-to-size sheets through the load/unload, pre-heat, final heat and form stations. The MODERN machine is equipped with computer controls and all valving, permitting thermoforming cycles. The PLC control also allows the different techniques to be easily modified or new customer specific needs.


  • All Machines have aluminum extrusion perimeter guarding with mesh inserts for superior viewing and visibility.
  • Load/unload areas guarded with light curtains.
  • All gates and access panels are interlocked with lock-out tag-out gate switches.
  • E-stops located at various positions on the machine.
  • Warning and safety signs (Bilingual upon request).
  • ANSI standard colors (orange, red, yellow) used where applicable.
  • Main disconnect & Air inlet are lock-out tag-out ready.




  • Adjustable Female Locks
  • Motorized bayonets
  • Pressure plate air bags or hydraulic
  • Tool clamps and locking systems
  • Mold Exchange
  • Multiple Oven Zoning arrays
  • Temperature controlled ovens PID
  • Oven Elements Ceramic, Quartz canister, halogen, or Panel heaters
  • Oven Fire Protection oven fire door, oven blanket, air jet
  • Motorized or hand crank btm oven Adjust.
  • Tracking oven or oven drive out
  • IR sensor array, camera, and scanners.
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Mold Temperature controllers
  • Servo positioning vacuum and air valves
  • Clamp frames pin-bar, MODERN 5800 series, MODERN 4-way adjustable, articulating, multi zoned, and motorized
  • Ladders and catwalks
  • Automatic sheet loading
  • Automatic Sheet feeder and cutter.
  • International voltages available
  • Spare Parts
  • Installation
  • Start-up & Training
  • Shipping
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Customized options available.

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