Take a look in your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. Your home is most likely filled with thermoformed food packaging designed for food protection, display, and preparation. The cupcakes that you bought for the party are held in a protective container to ensure they stay looking nice. Deli salads and rotisserie chickens have their own thermoformed containers. Boxes for the eggs in your fridge, the foam container for the chicken you are cooking tonight, the clamshell box of cherry tomatoes and the plastic container of lettuce are all samples of food packaging products made on thermoforming machines.

If you stop for a coffee in the morning, the cup and the plastic lid were most likely thermoformed. Most restaurants, especially those offering take-out, rely on thermoforming technology. If you have a get together and purchase plates, cups, and bowls those were also thermoformed.

All of these packaging solutions and more can be produced on Modern Machinery's state of the art thermoforming equipment. We have a line of custom thermoforming machines, trim presses, and tooling in all sizes and made up of a large variety of materials.

Our staff is happy to assist you with with making recommendations for all of your thermoformed food packaging needs. Contact us today.