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Honoring thermoforming's past and focusing on its future

Fast forward to the present, about 20 miles away from Beaverton, at Mid Michigan Community College in Harrison, where Steven Fosgard runs the plastics technology program, which is about to graduate its first class of students in May. He was hired in 2013 to design the program with seed money from a highly coveted $714,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

Fosgard worked in injection molding and quality assurance before getting into education. He turned to the plastics businesses in the area for input about the certificate and associate-degree programs to be offered and three businesses in particular about equipment.

“Even though we teach all of the major processes, our focus is thermoforming,” Fosgard said. “We have a very unique machine. It is the only one in existence and the only one that will ever be in existence. It was built by all three machine manufacturers of Beaverton for our students. It was a collaboration of Modern Machinery, Brown Machine and Lyle Industries.”

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Modern Machinery Announces New Sales Rep for Eastern Canadian region

Modern Machinery is pleased to announce we’ve hired a new Sales Rep for the Eastern Canadian region.  Mr. Paul Aucoin is joining our Sales & Customer Service team.  Paul brings more than 25 years of experience in the plastics industry to Modern, and is well versed in both materials and processing.  He’s an active member of several plastic associations including SPE Quebec, FEPAC and the Canadian Plastic Industry Association.  Paul will be the key contact representative for Modern Machinery in Eastern Ontario, the province of Quebec & the Maritimes.  Paul’s ability to speak both French & English allows him to communicate efficiently with employees at our customer’s facilities across eastern Canada.

Modern releases its’ newest rolled-goods cutting machine

Rollstand CutterModern releases its’ newest rolled-goods cutting machine with an integrated roll stand, motorized cutter, and adjustable payout clamp.  This machine will cut a maximum material width of 94” by an infinite number of part lengths.  Encoder feedback is utilized for precise length adjustments through the Operator Interface Panel.  Material is stacked onto a motorized scissor lift for easy removal and transfer to the next process.

Modern’s new 2015 3036 Inline forming machine has updated features, including Hetronik PID oven control and SEW electronic index.

3036 Inline forming machineOur base model features pneumatically actuated toggle platens, a 5HP Busch Vacuum Pump, and Mac vacuum valves. The 3-stop oven utilizes temperature controlled Solar IR elements controlled with a Hetronik oven control system that provided instantaneous element burn-out detection. We feature an Allen Bradley compactlogix controls system, with a 15” touchscreen operator interface. Our up-level machines feature servo actuated platens and Jomar servo regulated vacuum valves for the ultimate process control.